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Dussehra 2018

Dussehra 2018: It is one of the major festivals celebrates by Hindus in India at the end of Navaratri every year. It is also called as Dussehra or Vijayadashami or Navaratri. This festival celebrates on the 10th day of Ashwin month according to Telugu calendar. Scroll down to find Dussehra Quotes, Durga Pooja, Happy Dasara Images

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Navaratri Importance:

This Navratri is celebrated for different reasons in different parts of India. However, the word Navaratri is a mixing of two words Nav means Nine and Ratri mean Night. So, Navaratri will celebrate for 9 days to Goddess Shakti in different Avatars. However, there are many reasons to celebrate Navratri here we discuss some of the Navaratri importance and why we celebrate it.

Killing Demon Mahishasura:

Once Demon Mahishasura gets a boon after performing a great penance for several days that he can’t be killed by the male. Meanwhile, he underestimates the power of woman he always uses the word that woman can’t do anything. For that reason Goddess Shakti took the form of Durga and challenges demon for battle if she lost the battle then she will marry him. This battle took for 9 days and on the 10th day, And then she killed the demon. Therefore we celebrate Vijayadashmi for this victory. But this is one of the Navratri importance.

Killing Ravana

In addition, Another story associated with Navaratri is Lord Rama prays for Durga Devi by fasting 9 days to kill demon Ravana. Finally, on the 10th day, Rama kills Lankadipathi Ravana. And this is another story behind this festival.

Navaratri 9 days devi names:

However, for each day there is a significance associate to Navratri 9 days. Generally, Devotees will fast and pray for Durga and take the blessings of Durga. First, three days for Durga devi because she killed Mahisasura and also for human impurities and the next three days for Lakshmidevi for Spirituality. Finally, last three days for Goddess Saraswathi for Knowledge and wisdom.

The Navaratri nine days devi names are as follows:

  • First day     –  Goddess Shailputri
  • Second day  – Goddess Brahmacharini
  • Third day     – Goddess Chandraghanta
  • Fourth day   – Goddess Kushmanda
  • Fifth day       – Goddess Skandmata
  • Sixth day      – Goddess Katyayani
  • Seventh-day – Goddess Kaalratri
  • Eight day      – Goddess Maha Gauri
  • Ninth day      – Goddess Siddhidatri

Above names are Navaratri 9 days devi names.

Dussehra celebrations:

These Dussehra celebrations are different for different regions devotees celebrates it according to their rituals and celebrations. Here some of the Dussehra celebrations in different regions are shown below.

  • Dussehra in Mysore: Mysore palace decorates with 100000 light bulbs during the 10 days of the festival at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the night time. Many cultural and dance programs conduct in front of the palace. Goddess chamundeswari is carried out for a ride on the top of an elephant decorates with gold lavish accessories. Altogether, this ride will continue throughout Mysore city from Mysore palace. Thus Dussehra in Mysore celebrates.
  • Kullu Dussehra: In Kullu, during Dussehra festival, they decorate Kullu valley Dhalpur maiden with different types of flowers and lights. But they worship Lord Raghunath(Rama) because people believe that he is the ruling deity for Kullu valley.
  • Bathukamma In Telangana: Bathukamma festival will celebrate grandly in Telangana during the Navratri. It is a flower festival women will participate in this festival. Throughout Telangana, this festival will celebrate. However, Bathukamma means Alive mother Goddess.
  • In Gujarat: Dussehra in Gujarat will celebrate with great passion. They perform pooja and fast throughout the day. But in the evening they all gather and play Garba and Dandiya one can hear the sounds of sticks during these nine days.

When is Dussehra 2018 Celebrates:

In 2018 Dussehra falls on 19 October 2018 on Friday and Navratri 2018 begins on 10th October Wednesday and ends on 18th October 2018 Thursday.

Durga Pooja 2018:

During Dussehra, Navratrlu starts on Monday 15th October and ends on 19th October Friday. There is a great significance to Durga Pooja people believes that worshiping the God purifies our heart and soul.

Kolkata Durga Pooja 

Durga Pooja is the largest festival celebrates by Hindu Bengalis. During the festival time, they Worship Devi Shakti or Durga. And the festival lasts for 10 days starting from Mahalya and ends on Bijoya Dashami. In these 10 days, each day has a unique significance on the first day of Mahaliya goddess invites to earth. However, people believe that the Goddess comes down to earth when portraiting the eyes of the idol. After sixth-day people will bring beautifully decorated idols to mandapams. Finally, on the tenth day of Durga Puja is called as Vijaya dashmi people worship goddess Durga on this day and the idol is immersed in water at Ghats.

Dussehra Quotes:

Some of the Dussehra quotes are mentioned below. Go through them

  • May God bless you with all Success on the Auspicious Dussehra Occasion and Capable of defeating all Evils on your life. Happy Dussehra To you and Your Family!!!
  • Is Dussehra Aap ko Sarii Kushiya Mill Jaye Happy Dussehra…
  • May this Dussehra light up for you, all your dreams come true. Wishing You a Happy Dussehra!
  • May Goddess Durga gives all Success to your life and all blessings to your life. Wish You a Happy Dussehra to you and Your family.

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