Happy Valentines Day Images and SMS Messages

Happy Valentines Day Images and SMS Messages

On this valentines day share some of the Happy Valentines Day Images and SMS Messages from here. But, do you have any questions of What is the valentines day meaning, What is the valentines day history. In order to know the answers scroll down to the below. In addition, it also provides some Happy Valentines Day SMS Messages.

Happy Valentines Day Images and SMS Messages

What is the valentines day meaning

Every year on February 14 people will share some cards, wishes, flowers, and chocolates to their loving Valentine. People around the world celebrate this day by spending the time with their loved ones and sharing their feeling in love. But all these celebrations start from the saint named St.Valetine. Here is the story behind the celebration of this day.

What is the valentines day history

During the 3rd Century in Rome, St. Valentine was the priest. The Emperor of Rome Claudius II realized that young men are better soldiers than those who got married. So, he banned marriages for the young men. But, the saint St.Valentine thought it was injustice and continue to perform marriages to those young men secretly. So, he then ordered to hang up for his activities.

valentines day meaning

During his imprisonment, he fell in love with the jailor where he saw before imprisonment. Before his death, he has written a letter to here with a sign of “From your Valentine”. From then, it is a western Christian feast celebrating in honor to the saint St. Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day Images

Valentines Day SMS Messages

Happy Valentines Day SMS Messages

  •  The best feeling I ever have is when you call me your sunshine, yet we are watching the moonlight. It tells me that I am not the only one who loses their mind when we are together. Happy Valentine’s day…

Happy Valentines Day Images

  • As long as my heart resides in the left, I will be a prisoner in your cell for thefts and trespassing in your chest. Be my Valentine forever…

Happy Valentines Day SMS Messages

  • I like it when you fit your fingers inside the mine. I always feel like I am the strongest woman in the world because I can hold hands with the owner of the world, you. My Valentine Wishes to you……….

Happy Valentines Day

  •  Love stories have been told,
    love poems have been recited,
    love letters have been written,
    love songs have been sung,
    but none of them can explain our love story.
    They all forgot to include our episodes. My dear Valentine

valentines day history

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