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Karma Quotes about Life

Many of us worry about the things that happen to us and some of us will get ready to take revenge on the things that happen. However, this leads to an increase in the crime rate. So, do follow the law of karma and some of the Karma Quotes about Life which will inspire you to believe in Karma. But Let us know what actually Karma is? and it’s Karma Symbol and Karma Meme

Karma Symbol Karma Meme

What Actually Karma Is?

It is a type of actions that happen to us according to the actions we did in the past. A cause in one’s life may affect the life of that person. It is a type of cyclic reaction. We can have good karma or bad karma based on the good or bad actions we have been doing.

Best Ever Karma Quotes:

Follow some of the following Karma Quotes about life which makes sense of having good or bad karma.

  • Karma is like a boomerang what you throw will come back to you the same”.
  • “Karma has no menu it will screw up what you deserve”
  • “Giving positive vibes to the people around you will ultimately result in the good vibes to you”
  • “You don’t even know that having believed in the things like karma will also give the ability to differentiate the meaning of what is right and what is wrong”
  • “Life also rewards us in the form of Karma, whether good or bad”
  • Karma, fate, destiny…whatever we call but the meaning is same”
  • “Karma is like a tree, it starts which type of good or bad seed you sow. Good karma seed leads to the good fruits which clear the hungry in need of bad times”
  • “The things happening in the world are interlinked. Everything we do will decide the other things to happen in its way”
  • “Let the things happen in its way, Let the karma will take care of you”
  • “Karma is the only thing which doesn’t even know the meaning of mercy”

Karma Symbol

Karma Symbol is different for every religion, community,…But all the symbols will give the same meaning. However, the meaning is that you will end up with what actions that do in your whole life and it is a never-ending process. Karma is in life. You do the wrong things, you get the wrong things out of it.

Karma Meme:

Here is a beautiful collection of Karma Meme which will open your mind to believe in it.


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