12 Unique WhatsApp Birthday Wishes and Quotes

WhatsApp Birthday Wishes

The communication now has become for us to interact with our friends and relatives through social media. Particularly, WhatsApp is one of the best ways to communicate easily, isn’t it? If your friend or relative is having a birthday and you are looking for some Funny Birthday Quotes and WhatsApp Birthday Wishes. Then have a glance over the following.

Funny Birthday Quotes and WhatsApp Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Quotes:

Send your friend or relative not only with the wishes but also send some of these Funny Birthday Quotes along with wishes.

  • I almost send a birthday card to you. But thankfully my server connection returns suddenly…
  • “Congratulations! and thank you for making me younger than you by today
  • Sorry to remember your age getting old but be happy for the younger one inside you.
  • Getting Old is the sign of the bringing back of your childhood happiness back. So, get ready for the feast.
  • “Thanks, for the day where we need not pay for the food we eat…
  • You should thank the earth, for bearing the weight of 70 kgs useless flesh on it for 30 years.
  • God creates some antique pieces in his sleep and you are the one in them and happy to remind the birthday of the useless antique piece.
  • “Remember that the day when the cost of the candles is more than your cake it is your birthday…Be ready for getting old birthdays further
  • Hope to celebrate your birthday until you need a fan to blow your lots of candles… Have a happy long life…
  • Congratulations on your loosen teeth, stylish grey and silver hair, and the third party of your legs.
  • Today I am excited because I am going to post your birth wishes along with your age number in bold….. Wait for the Fun Blast…..

WhatsApp Birthday Wishes:

Now its time for some WhatsApp Birthday Wishes. Scroll down and have fun…

  • I only wish the people which I remember but not by seeing on the top the right corner of the Facebook…and you are the one in it…Happy birthday, dear…
  • Don’t just worry about the age be fit and healthy life ahead.
  • Hope your facebook page fills with all the beautiful wishes and blessings from your well-wishers
  • Wake up and adjust your crown today is your birthday…..Happy birthday my princess
  • So many birthday hugs and lots of prayers for the god to bless you…Many Happy Returns…..
  • I pray the god to grant all your wish come true and lead a happy life.
  • Happy birthday for the dinosaurs which was born for no use at all…
  • Birthdays are good for you because the statistics say the people with more birthdays will live longer.
  • Today is the birthday of our mutual friend. I don’t remember? Plz, make me remind when you are free!!!
  • Hey, you know that? today is 1,60,000 members birthday…You are so lucky that I remember only your birthday. Lucky fellow!!!!
  • I may not attend your birthday party…but announce to everyone that don’t dare to touch my slice of cake…OK? Now its time for your wishes Happy Birthday dear…….
  • I am thankful to God for extending your life to our get crazy again and again… Happy Birthday!!!!

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